Adjustable Pedals Ford F150


WARNING: Never use the pedal adjustment controls when your feet are on the accelerator or brake pedal when the vehicle is moving.

Note: Adjust the pedals only when your vehicle is in park (P).

Depending on your vehicle and equipment level, the shape and location of your power-adjustable pedal control can vary.

  • If your control is vertical, then it is to the left of the steering column and on the instrument panel.
  • If your control is horizontal, then it is on the left side of the steering column and on the instrument panel

Vertical Control


  1. Farther away from you.
  2. Closer to you.

Horizontal Control

A. Farther away from you.
B. Closer to you.


Both horizontal and vertical controls operate the same way:

  1. Press and hold A to move the pedals farther away from you.
  2. Press and hold B to move the pedals closer to you.

You can save and recall the pedal positions with the memory feature. See Seats .


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