Storage Compartments Ford F150


Stow items in the cup holder carefully as items may become loose during hard braking, acceleration or crashes, including hot drinks which may spill.

In vehicles with a 40-20-40 split-bench seat, the cup holders are inside of the folding console.


To use the cup holders:

  1. Lift the console lid up to open.
  2. Lift the cup holders up and rotate them outward.
  3. Close the console.

Vehicles with a console-mounted shifter feature cup holders molded into the console.


A       Front cup holders.
B       Rear cup holders.


A| USB ports or audio input jack.
B| Auxiliary power point.
C| Locking storage compartment with hanging file folder supports and room for a laptop computer.
D| AC power point.
E| Heated rear seats.
F| Auxiliary power point.
G| USB port.



Press near the rear edge of the door to open it.



Pull the strap on the center seatback to access the armrest and cupholders.

The cupholders are inside the rear seat armrest.

To open the cupholders:

  1. Push in gently on the center of the plastic panel at the front edge of the armrest. The cupholders will partially open.
  2. Pull the cupholder fully open before using.
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