Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot Ford F150

Creating a Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot — Vehicles With: SYNC 3
Changing the Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot Name or Password

Connecting a Device to the Wi-Fi Hotspot

  1. On your device, turn on Wi-Fi and select the hotspot from the list of available Wi-Fi
  2. When prompted, enter the

Purchasing a Data Plan

  1. Connect a device to the

Note: The vehicle network carriers portal opens on your device.

  1. If the portal does not open on your device, open a website and it redirects to the vehicle network carrier’s

Note: Secure websites do not redirect.

Note: If you have an active plan, the system does not redirect to the vehicle network carriers portal when you connect a device. Visit the vehicle network carriers website to purchase more data.

Note: If data usage information is available in the vehicle hotspot menu, it is approximate.

Note: If you carry out a master reset, the system does not remove your vehicle from your vehicle network carriers account. To remove your vehicle from the account, contact your vehicle network carrier.

Note: The vehicle network carrier provides Vehicle Hotspot services, subject to your vehicle network carrier agreement, coverage and availability.



Press the button to enter the settings menu.

  1. Select Connectivity Features.
  2. Select Vehicle Hotspot.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select SSID: ___.
  5. Enter your required
  6. Select Done.
  7. Select Password: ___.
  8. Enter your required
  9. Select Done.


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