Transmission Range (TR) sensor — description and adjustment … Ford F150

Note: The TorqShift transmission uses a transmission range sensor that is inside the transmission and requires a special tool for service. Replacement should be performed by a qualified repair facility.


1. The Transmission Range (TR) sensor, which is located inside the transmission at the manual lever, is an information sensor for the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). Among its functions are those normally handled by a conventional Park/Neutral switch: it prevents the engine from starting in any gear other than Park or Neutral, and closes the circuit for the back-up lights when the shift lever is moved to Reverse.


2. If the engine starts in any position other than Park or Neutral, the shift cable is either out of adjustment or the TR sensor is defective. The TR sensor is non-adjustable; adjust the shift cable to adjust the TR sensor operation (see Shift cable – removal, installation and adjustment).

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