Center console — removal and installation Ford F150

Note: Not all vehicles are equipped with a center console

1. Using a trim tool, pry out and remove the center console side trim panels. Note: The left side panel has a retaining screw at the front.

2. At the front of the console, remove the small trim panels from the left and right corners using a trim tool.

3. If equipped, remove the console-mounted gear selector lever (see Automatic transmission).

4. Using a trim tool and working from the rear to the front, pry the top shifter panel/ floor console top panel up, disengaging the clips around the perimeter of the panel. Note: There are two retaining clips at the front, and are disengaged by pulling the top panel rearward after the other clips have been released.

5. Remove the cup holder panel and fasteners.

Note: The front seats will have to be positioned forward and rearward, as necessary, to allow access to all of the center console mounting bolts.

6. Remove the center console mounting bolts along the bottom sides of the console. Also, disconnect the bottom electrical connector. Once the mounting bolts have been removed, slide the console assembly slightly rearward to access the front electrical connector(s).

7. Disconnect the electrical connectors at the front of the console, then guide the center console assembly out of the vehicle.

8. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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