Sunroof — removal and installation Ford F150

Warning: The models covered in this manual are equipped with a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), more commonly known as air bags. Always disable the airbag system before working in the vicinity of any airbag system component to avoid the possibility of accidental deployment of the airbags, which could cause personal injury (see Chassis electrical system).

Sunroof glass

1. Fully open the sunroof and place the glass in the VENT position.

2. Remove the side trim to the sun roof tracks by pulling inward on the top and bottom of the trim covers.

3. Remove the bolts hidden by the side trim covers.

4. Lift the window out of the sunroof frame.

5. Installation is the reverse of removal.
Use the glass attachment fasteners to adjust the glass in the opening.

Sunroof frame

6. Remove the headliner.

7. Disconnect the electrical connection to the sunroof motor.

8. Disconnect the drain tubes from all four corners of the sunroof frame.

9. Disconnect and remove the side curtain airbags (if applicable).

Note: The rear panel bracket is next to the sunroof motor. Remove this bracket before removing the fasteners securing the actual sunroof frame to the roof.

10. Remove the sunroof single retaining bolt securing the rear panel bracket to the vehicle.

11. Remove the fasteners (smaller fasteners than the single retaining bolt) securing the sunroof rear retaining bracket to the sunroof.

12. Remove the fasteners securing the sunroof frame to the roof.

Note: When handling the frame (after it has been removed from the roof), the frame can be bent or warped very easily. Take precautions to prevent any twisting or flexing of the frame when it is not attached to the vehicle.

13. Carefully guide the sunroof frame from the vehicle.

14. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Sunroof motor

15. Remove or lower the rear section of the headliner.

16. Disconnect the motor electrical connection.

17. Remove the motor fasteners.

18. Remove the motor.

19. Installation is the reverse of removal. Note: It may be necessary to turn the motor slightly to align the motor gear with the sunroof frame gear.

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