Adjustable brake pedal and bracket — removal, installation and indexing Ford F150

Removal and installation

1. Move the pedals to the most forward position (towards the firewall).

Warning: The brake pedal and accelerator pedal should be in the same position whether you are installing a new cable or pedal assembly. They should either be all the way forward or all the way rearward to avoid damaging the components.

2. Remove the driver’s side knee bolster trim.

3. Remove the four bolts securing the steering column reinforcement panel and remove it.

4. Disconnect the drive cable from the adjustable cable drive. Push in on the sides of the connector and pull the cable off.

5. Remove the brake light switch (see Brake light switch – replacement).

6. Remove the pin and brake booster rod from the brake pedal.

7. If equipped, remove the trailer lighting module from the brake booster bracket.

8. Remove the four booster to pedal assembly bracket nuts.

9. Push the brake booster towards the engine and lift the pedal assembly out of the vehicle.

10. Installation is the reverse of removal, except the pedal assembly will need to be indexed to allow for full forward and rearward adjustment.

11. Torque all the fasteners to the torque listed in this Chapter’s Specifications.


Note: The pedal assembly must be indexed whenever the pedal assembly is removed.

12. With the adjustment cable disconnected from the brake pedal drive actuator, operate the accelerator pedal to the furthest rear (towards the driver) position.

13. Connect the drive cable to the brake pedal drive actuator.

14. Operate the pedals until the brake pedal pin that holds the pedal to the booster rod is aligned with the witness mark (small scribed line) on the side of the brake pedal bracket.

15. Disconnect the drive cable from the brake pedal once again.

16. Operate the accelerator pedal alone in the forward (towards the engine) until there is a 4 mm gap between the screw head attaching the assembly to the drive motor and the moving part of the accelerator pedal.

17. Now reconnect the cable to the brake pedal drive actuator.

18. Check the movement of the pedal assembly. There should be full movement forward and rearward on both pedals, and they should operate evenly with each other. If not, repeat the procedure.

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