Antenna and cable — removal and installation Ford F150


1. Remove the right side inner fender splash shield (see Body).

2. Unscrew the antenna mast and the base on the passenger’s side fender.

3. Lower the glove box door to access the antenna cable, then disconnect the cable from the clips along the front of the heater/ blower motor housing.

4. Working in the fender, remove the antenna mounting bolt and lower the antenna mast base from the fender.

5. Disconnect the antenna cable connection and pull the lead out through the grommet into the fender and remove the antenna base and cable.

6. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Antenna cable

7. Remove the FCIM, FCDIM and radio (see Front Controls Interface Module (FCIM) – Front Controls Interface Display Module (FCDIM), Audio Control Module (ACM) – removal and installation), then disconnect the antenna lead from the rear side of the radio.

8. Lower the glove box completely and remove the right side kick panel to gain access to the antenna cable.

9. Pull the antenna with back through the grommet and disconnect the antenna cable lead from the antenna mast lead connection.

10. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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