Headlight lens refurbishing Ford F150

1. The plastic lens on most headlight assemblies are susceptible to U.V. damage from the
sun as well as being out in the weather. There are several companies that make restoration kits to restore the plastic lens back to their original condition. There are also a few home remedies that have been proven somewhat effective too, such as toothpaste buffed onto the lens as well as some bug sprays that dissolve the opaque and clouded surface of the headlight lens (see illustration).

19.1 Cloudy headlight lenses are ugly and reduce the amount of light projected

2. Most restoration kits are a three-step process that requires a variable speed hand drill to perform the various steps. When starting a headlight restoration project, be sure to be in a well ventilated area and where you don’t have anything you don’t want the buffing chemicals and compounds to be sprayed on.

3. Mask off the area around the headlight assembly to avoid any painted surfaces from being damaged with the drill or the compounds in the restoration kit. Have plenty of clean rags handy to wipe up any spills and to perform the final buffing (see illustration).

.3 Mask off the surrounding area and apply the compound with the buffer or drill motor

4. Follow all the directions in the restoration kit as described in the instructions. We also recommend adding a top coat of wax or a suitable U.V. protectant as a final finish coat (see illustration).

.4 The result should be a lens that is as clear as brand new

Note: Add a coating of car wax as a top coat or a suitable U. V. protectant as a final finish.

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