Air conditioning and heater control module — removal and installation Ford F150

Warning: The vehicles covered by this man­ual are equipped with a Supplemental Re­straint System (SRS), more commonly known as airbags. Always disable the airbag system before working in the vicinity of any airbag system components to avoid the possibility of accidental deployment of the airbag, which could cause personal injury (see Chassis electrical system) .

Note: The air conditioning heater control mod­ule is integrated into the Front Controls Inter­face Module (FCIM) and is serviceable only as part of the FCIM (see Front Controls Interface Module (FCIM) – Front Controls Interface Display Module (FCDIM), Audio Control Module (ACM) – removal and installation).

Warning: If you are replacing the FCIM (Front Control Interface Module) upload the FCIM configuration into a scan tool so that it can be reloaded into the replacement unit. This will have to be done by the appropriately equipped repair facility.

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