Driveline Ford F150

1. The information in this Chapter deals with the components from the rear of the engine to the rear wheels, except for the transmission (and transfer case, if equipped), which is dealt with in the previous Chapter. For the purposes of this Chapter, these components are grouped into two categories: driveshaft and axles. Separate Sections within this Chapter offer general descriptions and checking procedures for components in each of the two groups.

2. Since nearly all the procedures covered in this Chapter involve working under the vehicle, make sure it’s securely supported on sturdy jackstands or on a hoist where the vehicle can be easily raised and lowered.

Driveshaft(s) – removal and installation
Driveshaft center support bearing – check and replacement
Universal joints – replacement
Front driveaxles (4WD models) – removal and installation
Front axle assembly (4WD models) – removal and installation
Rear axle assembly – removal and installation
Rear axleshaft – removal and installation
Rear axleshaft oil seal – replacement
Rear axleshaft bearing – replacement
Pinion oil seal – replacement

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