Fuel tank — cleaning and repair Ford F150

1. There may be two different types of fuel tanks available on these models: steel and plastic.

2. Fuel tanks may be steam-cleaned to remove sediment or rust in the bottom of the tank. Remove the fuel tank sending unit/fuel pump and vapor valve prior to cleaning. Allow plenty of time for the tank to air dry before returning it to service.

3. Repairs to the steel fuel tank or filler pipe should be performed by a professional with the proper training to carry out this critical and potentially dangerous job. Even after cleaning and flushing, explosive fumes can remain and could explode during repair of the tank.

4. The plastic (polyethylene) fuel tank cannot be repaired. No reliable repair procedures are available to correct leaks or damage. Fuel tank replacement is the only approved service.

5. If the fuel tank is removed from the vehicle, it should not be placed in an area where sparks or open flames could ignite the fumes coming out of the tank. Be especially careful inside garages where a gas-type appliance is located, because the appliance could cause an explosion.

6. Whenever the fuel tank is steam-cleaned or otherwise serviced, the vapor valve assembly should be replaced. All grommets and seals must be replaced to prevent possible leakage.

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