Wastegate control actuator — replacement and adjustment Ford F150

Note: Only 2017 and later 3.5L turbocharged models are equipped with electronic waste-gate control actuators. All other turbocharged models use vacuum-controlled actuators.


1. Loosen the front wheel lug nuts, then raise the front of the vehicle and support it securely on jackstands. Remove the wheel.

2. Remove the inner fender splash shield (see Body).

3. Loosen the clamps and remove the tube between the air intake tube to the air filter housing and the turbocharger inlet for the wastegate to be serviced.

4. Loosen the clamps and remove the tube between the intercooler and turbocharger outlet for the wastegate to be serviced.

5. For the passenger’s (right) side, remove the intercooler tube bracket nuts and position the hoses and bracket aside.

6. Tape off any openings on the turbocharger assembly.

Ford F150 Fuel and exhaust systems_Wastegate control actuator - replacement and adjustment _ Wastegate components (2.7L model shown)

Wastegate components (2.7L model shown)

1. Jam nuts
2. Vacuum line
3. Mounting fasteners

7. Remove the wastegate actuator lower jam nut and disconnect the linkage (see illustrations).

8. Disconnect the wastegate actuator vacuum line.

9. Remove the fasteners and remove the wastegate actuator from the turbocharger.

10. Installation is reverse of removal. Install the lower jam nut loosely and do not tighten until instructed during the adjustment procedure.


11. With the wastegate installed and the lower jam nut installed finger-tight, push the linkage to the closed position (towards the actuator).

12. While holding the linkage closed, finger-tighten the lower jam nut.

13. While still holding the linkage closed, using a wrench, tighten the upper jam nut.

14. Release the linkage.

15. Now, pull the linkage to the open position (away from the actuator).

16. While holding the linkage open, loosen the upper jam nut 4.5 turns exactly.

17. While holding the linkage open, hold the upper jam nut with a wrench and tighten the lower jam nut.

18. A scan tool will be necessary to clear PCM DTCs and reset the Keep Alive Memory (KAM) and monitor the PCM PID WGATE_A_V (right side) WGATE_B_V (left side).

19. While monitoring the correct PID, press the accelerator pedal to the floor for 3 seconds and slowly release. Note the minimum voltage of the PID after the pedal is fully released. It should be 1.1V to 1.3V.

20. If it is not within range, the actuator linkage require adjustment again.

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