Engine overhaul — disassembly sequence Ford F150

1.     It’s much easier to remove the external components if it’s mounted on a portable engine stand. A stand can often be rented quite cheaply from an equipment rental yard. Before the engine is mounted on a stand the flywheel/driveplate should be removed from the engine.

2. If a stand isn’t available, it’s possible to remove the external engine components with it blocked up on the floor. Be extra careful not to tip or drop the engine when working without a stand.

3. If you’re going to obtain a rebuilt engine, all external components must come off first, to be transferred to the replacement engine. These components include:

Ignition coils
Emissions-related components
Engine mounts and mount brackets Engine rear cover (spacer plate between driveplate and engine block) Intake/exhaust manifolds
Valve covers
Fuel injection components
Oil filter
Spark plugs
Thermostat and housing assembly
Water pump

Note: When removing the external compo­nents from the engine, pay close attention to details that may be helpful or important during installation. Note the installed position of gas­kets, seals, spacers, pins, brackets, washers, bolts and other small items.

4. If you’re going to obtain a short block (assembled engine block, crankshaft, pistons and connecting rods), then remove the timing chain, cylinder head, oil pan, oil pump pick­up tube, oil pump and water pump from your engine so that you can turn in your old short block to the rebuilder as a core. See Engine rebuilding alternatives for additional informa­tion regarding the different possibilities to be considered.

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