Engine rebuilding alternatives Ford F150

1. The do-it-yourselfer is faced with a number of options when purchasing a rebuilt engine. The major considerations are cost, warranty, parts availability and the time required for the rebuilder to com­plete the project. The decision to replace the engine block, piston/connecting rod assemblies and crankshaft depends on the final inspection results of your engine. Only then can you make a cost effective decision whether to have your engine overhauled or simply purchase an exchange engine for your vehicle.

2. Some of the rebuilding alternatives include:

3. Individual parts — If the inspection procedures reveal that the engine block and most engine components are in reusable condition, purchasing individual parts and having a rebuilder rebuild your engine may be the most economical alternative. The block, crankshaft and piston/connecting rod assemblies should all be inspected carefully by a machine shop first.

4. Short block — A short block consists of an engine block with a crankshaft and piston/connecting rod assemblies already installed. All new bearings are incorporated and all clearances will be correct. The exist­ing camshafts, valve train components, cyl­inder head and external parts can be bolted to the short block with little or no machine shop work necessary.

5. Long block — A long block consists of a short block plus an oil pump, oil pan, cyl­inder head, valve cover, camshaft and valve train components, timing sprockets and chain or gears and timing cover. All compo­nents are installed with new bearings, seals and gaskets incorporated throughout. The installation of manifolds and external parts is all that’s necessary.

6. Low mileage used engines — Some companies now offer low mileage used engines which is a very cost effective way to get your vehicle up and running again. These engines often come from vehicles which have been in totaled in accidents or come from other countries which have a higher vehicle turn over rate. A low mileage used engine also usually has a similar warranty like the newly remanufactured engines.

7. Give careful thought to which alternative is best for you and discuss the situation with local automotive machine shops, auto parts dealers and experienced rebuilders before ordering or purchasing replacement parts.

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