Hub and bearing assembly — replacement Ford F150

Warning: The manufacturer recommends to replace all removed suspension component fasteners (nuts and bolts).

1. Apply the parking brake. Loosen the wheel lug nuts and raise the front of the vehicle. Support it securely on jackstands and remove the wheel.

2. Remove the brake disc (see Brakes).

3. On 4WD models, remove the hub dust cap and nut, then push the driveaxle through the hub splines as the hub and bearing assembly is removed in the next Step.

Caution: On 4WD models, be careful not to over extend the inner CV joint. Once the hub has been removed, support the outer end of the driveaxle with a length of wire or rope.

4. Remove the four bolts securing the hub assembly to the steering knuckle. Then remove the hub assembly (see illustration).

7.4 Hub bolt locations (2WD shown)

Ford F150 Suspension and steering systems_Hub and bearing assembly - replacement _ Hub bolt locations (2WD shown)

5. Installation is the reverse of removal.

6. Replace all suspension fasteners that were removed with new fasteners and torque to the proper specifications (see this Chapter’s Specifications).

7. Install the wheels, lower the vehicle and tighten the wheel lug nuts to the torque listed (see Tune-up and routine maintenance).

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