Shock absorbers (rear) — removal and installation Ford F150

Warning: The manufacturer recommends to replace all removed suspension component fasteners (nuts and bolts).

1. Raise the rear of the vehicle, support it securely on jackstands and block the front
wheels. Place a floor jack under the axle adjacent to the shock absorber being removed.

Raise the jack just enough to take the load off the shock absorber.

2. Remove the nut and bolt securing the lower end of the shock absorber to the rear axle (see illustration).

.2 Shock absorber mounting fasteners

Ford F150 Suspension and steering systems_Shock absorbers (rear) - removal and installation _ Shock absorber mounting fasteners

3. Remove the nut and bolt securing the top of the shock absorber to the upper mounting bracket on the frame.

4. Installation is the reverse of the removal steps. Tighten the nuts and bolts to the torque listed in this Chapter’s Specifications.

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