Stabilizer bar and bushings — removal and installation Ford F150

Warning: The manufacturer recommends to discard suspension component fasteners (nuts and bolts) and replace them with new ones.

1. Loosen the front wheel lug nuts. Raise the vehicle and support it securely on jackstands. Remove the front wheels.

2. Remove the under-body splash shields.

3. Remove and discard the stabilizer bar link nuts (see illustration).

.3 Stabilizer bar details

1. Stabilizer bar link nuts
2. Stabilizer bar bracket bolts

Ford F150 Suspension and steering systems_Stabilizer bar and bushings - removal and installation _ Stabilizer bar details

Note: If only the stabilizer bar is to be removed, just remove the link upper nuts.

4. Remove the stabilizer bar bracket nuts and brackets. Discard the bracket nuts and the bracket retainers/studs.

5. Remove the stabilizer bar. Inspect the rubber bushings for wear. Replace if necessary.

6. Installation is the reverse of removal. Be sure to tighten all fasteners to the torque values listed in this Chapter’s Specifications.

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