Electric shift motor — replacement Ford F150

Note: The electric shift motor must be replaced as an assembly.

1. Raise the vehicle and support it securely on jackstands (if necessary).

2. Remove the transfer case skid plate (if equipped).

3. Disconnect the shift motor electrical connector.

4. Remove the Gray/Brown wire terminal pin from the shift motor connector. This wire connects elsewhere on the transfer case and must be removed when replacing the electric shift motor.

5. Remove the shift motor bracket bolt.

6. Remove the three electric shift motor bolts.

7. Remove the electric shift motor.

8. Clean the grease from the motor adapter and apply a new coat of multi-purpose grease.

9. Apply a thin bead of silicone sealant to the transfer case-to-shift motor mating surface.

10. The remainder of installation is the reverse of removal.

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