Rotate the tires Ford F150

Caution: Some vehicles have different front and rear tire pressures. On models with different pressures, when the tires are rotated the tire pressures must be adjusted to the correct pressure and the tire pressure sensors must be relearned or «trained» using a tire monitor activation tool. The tire light will flash and a «TRAIN LF/RF TIRE» message will be displayed on the instrument panel display.

To relearn or train the sensor, a tire pressure monitor activation tool must be used. This is a procedure best performed at a dealership or other qualified repair shop.

1. The tires should be rotated at the specified intervals and whenever uneven wear is noticed. Since the vehicle will be raised and the tires removed anyway, check the brakes also (see Inspect the brakes).

The recommended four-tire rotation

2. Radial tires must be rotated in a specific pattern.

3. Refer to the information in Jacking and towing at the front of this manual for the proper procedure to follow when raising the vehicle and changing ,a tire.

4. The vehicle must be raised on a hoist or supported on jackstands to get all four wheels off the ground. Make sure the vehicle is safely supported!

5. After the rotation procedure is finished, check and adjust the tire pressures as necessary and be sure to check the lug nut tightness.

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