Top Dead Center (TDC) for number one piston — locating Ford F150

1. Refer to V6 engines, for the TDC locating procedure, but use the illustration provided with this Section for the appropriate reference marks and the following exceptions:

  1. Remove the ignition coils (see Engine electrical systems).
  2. Remove the spark plugs and install a compression gauge in the number one cylinder. Turn the crankshaft clockwise with a socket and breaker bar.
  3. When the piston approaches TDC, compression will be noted on the compression Continue turning the crankshaft until the notch in the crankshaft pulley is aligned with the TDC mark on the front cover. At this point, number one cylinder is at TDC on the compression stroke.
  4. On engines without TDC marks, remove the right-side valve cover and rotate the engine until the valves of Number ‘I cylinder are closed. This is approximately TDC.
  5. After the number one piston has been positioned at TDC on the compression stroke, TDC for any of the remaining cylinders can be located by turning the crankshaft in 90-degree increments and following the firing order (refer to the Specifications). Divide the crankshaft pulley into four equal sections with chalk marks at four points, each indicating 90-degrees of crankshaft rotation.
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