Valve covers — removal and installation Ford F150

Warning: If you are removing the right-side valve cover, wait until the engine is completely cool before beginning this procedure.


1. If you’re removing the right-side valve cover on a 2018 or later model, relieve the
fuel system pressure (see Fuel pressure relief procedure). On all models, disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal (see Engine electrical systems).

2. If you’re removing the left valve cover, remove the air intake duct and the air filter housing (see Fuel and exhaust systems).

3. If you’re removing the right valve cover, drain the cooling system (see Tune-up and routine maintenance).

4. If a PCV hose or tube is connected to the valve cover that you’re removing, disconnect it (see Emissions and engine control systems). If the PCV valve is electrically heated, disconnect the electrical connector from the PCV valve.

5. If you’re removing the right valve cover on a 2018 or later model, remove the high-pressure fuel pump (see Fuel pressure relief procedure).

6. Remove the ignition coils from the valve cover that you’re removing (see Engine electrical systems).

7. If you’re removing the right valve cover, disconnect the heater hose quick-connect fittings and remove the hoses above the cover.

8. Remove the nut and the ground wire to the corner of the cover(s).

9. If a wiring harness is routed across a valve cover, disconnect the harness electrical connectors. Detach the pin-type wiring harness retainers from the valve cover studs and harness brackets, and set the harness aside. Disconnect the fuel injector harness from the injectors and position the harness off to the side (see Fuel and exhaust systems). If your’re removing the right valve cover, disconnect the left harness connector to the PCM (see Emissions and engine control systems) and the main harness connector next to the PCM.

10. If you’re removing the left valve cover, remove the engine oil dipstick, depress the tabs then rotate the tube counterclockwise and pull the dipstick tube from the valve cover.

11. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) oil control solenoid(s).

12. Remove the valve cover bolts, following the reverse of the tightening sequence (see illustrations 17), then remove the valve cover.


13. The mating surfaces of each cylinder head and valve cover must be perfectly clean when the valve covers are installed. Remove all traces of sealant. If there’s old sealant or oil on the mating surfaces when the valve cover is installed, oil leaks may develop. Inspect the solenoid valve seals and spark plug tube seals. If they need to be replaced, pry the seal(s) out of the cover then use a socket that matches the diameter of the seal and drive a new seal into place on the cover.

Ford F150 V8 engine_Valve covers - removal and installation _Make sure the gasket is pushed all the way into the groove in the valve cover

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